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President: Lou Agosto     941-629-1220
Vice President: Darcy Woods   941-763-2195
Treasurer: Donna Kennedy

Secretary: Mary Walruff 941-730-1405
Player Agent: Andrew Scully 941-204-1383
Background Checks: Mary Walruff 941-730-1405
Equipment Manager: Jason Russell 941-628-2489

Kevin Brown 239-322-7124
Scorekeeper: Jacob Dudoit

Concession Manager (Harold): Norma Smith 207-400-6412
Concession Manager (Maracaibo): Trevor Dean 041-979-7255
Safety Officer: Mary Walruff 941-730-1405

VP Tball: Richard Warner 941-757-9979

VP Grapefruit: Martha Pelham 863-244-3525

VP Minors: Kevin Brown 239-322-7124

VP Majors: Sam Martin 765-315-8353

VP Juniors: Ashley Norville 240-565-4364

Board Members
Holden Gibbs

Darren Pyle